About Artıum Cave Hotel

Until Population exchange between Greece and Turkey (1924) agreement, Greeks, The Karaman Orthodox Turks and Muslims lived together in a central Anatolian town called Sinasos (Mustafapaşa).

Ancient Greek houses contained rich stonework and frescoes. That's when we get here without disrupting the existing cave rooms, we've also added some new places in this structure.

The ancient people carved with primitive instruments the rock just for hidding themselves . Now after 3 years of hard work the cave houses have been restored and decorated to provide modern comforts without loosing their connection with the past. These places were transformed into luxury and at the same time rustic rooms.

So We offer to our guests our experience in tourism for over 30 years,in the boutique hotel concept. The warmth of the people of Central Anatolia, the magical atmosphere of Cappadocia and the best "rock hotel" experience for you to live at "Artium Cave Hotel".

Artium Cave Hotel will leave an unforgettable taste in your memory ...